Conditional Job Offer (Carmen)

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Conditional Job Offer (Carmen)

Post by damdamjr » Mon Nov 14, 2011 6:56 pm

Hello ALL.....I'm new to the site, but have gathered so much info from reading everyone's post. Here's my story... I've been in law enforcement for 11 years now and I have several friends that work for NS. My friends love there job and told me I would love working over there, plus I love working with tools. SO, I put in an app, got an invite, passed the test, passed the interview and the next day one of the Sup's called me with a job offer and I accepted. The following week I did there medical screening and background test and haven't heard anything since. Been about 2 weeks now. I'm really excited about starting the job, can't wait. My buddy told me my start date should be on a Monday, cause I have to be in Georgia on that day for the safety week and then I'll go back later for 8 week training. Question.............. Is there a good brand of boots I should purchase? I was told clothing didn't matter. That I could wear dickies or jeans, but my boots had to have a 90 degree angle on the heal. Thanks

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Re: Conditional Job Offer (Carmen)

Post by Rolltide360 » Fri Nov 23, 2012 8:04 am

I am scheduled to start training in Mcdonough on the 26th.. 3 days from now! It took two months for me to get to this point as I was offered the job at the begining of October. As far as boots, I was told they have to be leather with defined heel and 6 inches from sole to top.

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