Hiring Process Timeline (Start by..12/8/08) SOMEONE RESPOND

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Hiring Process Timeline (Start by..12/8/08) SOMEONE RESPOND

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Back in September of 2008, I applied for the position of Conductor Trainee with a start date of December 1st, 2008. I was sent and email to attend the orientation....did well on aptitude test and got an interview. Was told I would hear news within 7 to 10 - luckily, I got a conditional job offer in about 4 days and was told within the next week or so, someone would contact me to schedule my strenght test and physical, which occured. It's been about 2wks and I haven't heard anything...and I'm getting anxious! I happen to know someone who went through this same process with me and within a week of completing his strenght test and physical, he got and email retracting his job offer. He's always heard, "No news is good news" with the railroad. He seems to think if I got the job...I probably wouldn't hear anything until about a week to two weeks before the Dec. 1st start date. I know I'm grasping at straws here, but, I'm anxious to know...one way or the other. Does anyone have any insight about the "time-line" process of what to expect? I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but, it's hard when I know he was already contacted over a week ago....and we were at the same orientation.

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Re: Hiring Process Timeline (Start by..12/8/08) SOMEONE RESPOND

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I think you'll find the answers you're looking for here...

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Re: Hiring Process Timeline (Start by..12/8/08) SOMEONE RESPOND

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It sometimes may take a couple weeks for the medical dept to review your results and get back to you. It took a few weeks for me to hear back. Just give it time. You'll probably be hearing from them before too long with an authorization for a background check that you'll need to fill out and fax back. Just give it some time. No worries. Where did you apply to work?

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Re: Hiring Process Timeline (Start by..12/8/08) SOMEONE RESPOND

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Sometimes you might get a better response, if you "asked" for someone to respond, and maybe said "please & thank-you", as well. Just some thoughts..... :wink:

BTW, Welcome to the RR.Net Forums!!!

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