CNJ units that worked to green pond jcn

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CNJ units that worked to green pond jcn

Post by Scaro » Sat Dec 18, 2010 6:38 pm


i am trying to work out which CNJ units worked to green pond junction. i know that baldwin DR-44-15s were common (although not sure when they gave up the ghost) and i've seen shots of N&W F7s and perhaps B&O (?) F7s at hopatcong jcn so i assume that they would have made it there as well. think i've also seen a shot of one of the CNJ's EMD SWs up there too ... did anything else work there? i believe the SDs would have been too heavy, not sure of other four axle power though.

also did any of the CNJ units trespass onto the NYS&W, either on detour or for any other reason? there is some mention somwhere of some N&W Fs parked beside the station at newfoundland while the crew ate lunch.

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Re: CNJ units that worked to green pond jcn

Post by arjay3 » Tue Jan 18, 2011 11:57 pm

The Baldwins worked to Green Pond nearly from when they were new. They lasted until sometime in 1966. The used F-units took over after that. Rarely there were other units, I have photos of CNJ RS3's and a leased RDG AS16 operated on the branch with the last Babyface. The EMD SW was kept at Hopatcong Jct. and there may have been times they needed to run to Green Pond with it.


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