L&H Memories: Growing Up Trackside...#5

Discussion of the L&HR and its predecessor the Warwick Valley Railroad for the period 1860-1976 at its inclusion with ConRail

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L&H Memories: Growing Up Trackside...#5

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Since I haven't posted for awhile, and because there is interest in what I write - I go on!!

Way, way back, IF I was VERY good, my parents would allow me to join them for a Saturday morning shopping trip to Easton, PA. This meant missing Catholic Catechism Class, and if we went over Jonestown Road, I'd have to duck down at St-Rose of Lima and the good Sisters of St-Joseph who would be watching for me! Crossing over the Delaware at Phillipsburg, my birthplace, and the ONLY place on Earth with ALL SIX Conrail predecessors, always revealed something. If a train wasn't up or down the Bel-Del then surely one would be on one of the THREE rail bridges!!

Easton was a great place. In my time the Lehigh Valley Transit would run up and down Northampton Street, the wonderful Hobby Hangout up the hill, three department stores with train layouts (Laubachs, Orrs, Easton Sporting Goods), TWO great train stations; when was there time to shop??

The point of course is the L&H - and here comes. We'd stop at Jim's Hot Dog Stand just back over the Delaware on the left. NOTHING moving to Hudson Yard got missed!!There'd be the LV shuttling interchange from Richards Yard (by then with a Cornell Red "pup), the PRR up and back, THEN the jewell. A L&H Mikado or Mountain "lumbered" over from Allentown. It DIDN'T get better. I could go on - so just close your eyes and imagine what I'm remembering!!

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Re: L&H Memories: Growing Up Trackside...#5

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Awesome......I wouldn't change anything about my life, but I sure would have liked to
have seen scenes exactly like you just described with my own eyes! Please keep 'em coming
and stay warm! ;-)

~Charlie Ricker

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