L&H Memories: S.E. (Stan) Pierce

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L&H Memories: S.E. (Stan) Pierce

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The first time I ran into Stan was the Summer of 1957 after he'd come over from the O&W and was posting vacations on the L&H at Great Meadows.

All of the stations were open then, Chester, Vernon, Franklin, and it kept him busy. His experience as a O&W dispatcher also gave him more vacancies.

Later he held down the regular 2nd trick at AD.

Wherever he was, he'd answer the commercial line or Bell phone "ONtariO". I suppose a first time caller might be startled!

Stan was the "poster child" railway worker the fans loved. He made extra copies of the 19 order for "Extra Reading 2124 East" THAT Friday night June 3rd, 1960.

Bill Flood as pilot completed the "picture".

Later in the early 1960's, just before military for me, and I was coming/going to Vermont often, I'd bring back some Maple

Cream for Stan. He'd developed a taste for this from his Ellenville days on the O&W.

It was a joy to visit him and his wife on Woodside Avenue in Newton and enjoy "Ideal Farms"

white milk and Oreo's!!

Oh, the L&H memories continue...

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