L&H featured in CLASSIC TRAINS special

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L&H featured in CLASSIC TRAINS special

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Younger L&H fans shouldn't miss GREAT TRAINS FREIGHT just published by CLASSIC TRAINS.

They've reprinted "Central States Dispatch" from the March 1952 TRAINS, re-formatted, better map, and all color illustrations.

Each member of the through trains route has a section, but the L&H AO-4 "Alphabet Route", a later morning train, is its sole picture. The original article had Paul on the RS-3 catwalk for a meet at "Allamuch", Mike Elston forking up orders at AJ, and the still-standing coaling tower in Warwick.

Symbol freight HO-6 WAS the principal money maker for the L&H, with a better rate division.

Right after the L&H lost the Port Morris traffic the B&O traffic people "ramped" things up with its Time-Saver fleet, new symbols, schedule, and sometimes two trains each way. The bright blue and orange LCL Time-Saver box cars were soon replaced with box car red ones with a plain "Time Saver" herald.

Sad to say but this drive was too late. The 1950's WAS the best decade for L&H and the EL merger started an unreversable decline.

Joseph Meyers

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