Need help on L&HR History

Discussion of the L&HR and its predecessor the Warwick Valley Railroad for the period 1860-1976 at its inclusion with ConRail

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Need help on L&HR History

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I represent an online operations group that runs highly detailed operating sessions on railroads all over North America.

We have a planned to do an operating session on the Lehigh and Hudson River set in the late 1960’s (1968-1969). Our group tries to recreate everything to capture an exact day from the history of a given line.

To do this, we need to obtain the following information:

1) A list of train symbols with what time of day they were scheduled/run?
2) What type of power (model/how many engines were typical)?
3) Train Length (how many cars on average/LD & MT averages if known)?
4) How was the railroad dispatched. It appear that Form 19s on APB territory were used. Does anyone have a blank 19 from L&HR or know the basic format used for moving trains?
4a) How many dispatchers from Maybrook to G Tower? If more than one what were the territories?
5) What type of overhead traffic from CNJ, RDG, EL were seen on the route?
6) Any information on locals? Blocking Assignments and which trains worked where?
7) Yardmasters-Were there people stationed anywhere other than Warwick and Maybrook? Did Greycourt or Andover or Port Morris have a YM? (We do have live yardmasters and dispatchers in our operating sessions.)

Any help in regard to sharing or helping us find this information would be greatly appreciated. Also, this session will be broadcast live as it happens. Once we have a date set for it (which we will once we have the info and can build all the trains and dispatch them correctly), we will post that here so that anyone who wants to listen in live can do so.

Thanks for anything you can do to help.


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