Sugar Loaf, NY station

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Sugar Loaf, NY station

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I know that the L&HR station currently at Sugar Loaf was originally the East Chester station located next to Chester Lumber. Based on my minimal research, I learned that the station was moved in the late 1960s to Sugar Loaf and placed on the wrong side of the track in relationship to where the original station stood. I assume that there have been two succeeding railroad stations at Sugar Loaf since the inception of the Lehigh & Hudson River Railway. My questions are about the original L&HR station at Sugar Loaf. What happened to the original L&HR station to necessitate a replacement station? Was the location of the original L&HR station at Sugar Loaf north or south of the grade crossing? According to my friend Doug Relyea, "The Orange County 1903 Atlas, Google, and Bing show the passenger station north of the Grade crossing. While it's possible the road was moved, the other houses and Trees on the road to the Grade crossing don't support that in the Bing and Google views."

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Re: Sugar Loaf, NY station

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The original Sugar Loaf station was built during the beginning of the Warwick Valley RR-early 1860's. It sat northwest of the grade crossing, and facing towards Chester it was on the left, as was the creamery. It was replaced in the early 1900's by a newer station, same site. Disappeared in the 1940's after passenger service ceased. The Chester station was moved southwest of the grade crossing where it sits today. It's a deli and sits on the right if you are looking towards Warwick. It sits in a reversed position, meaning the front of the station is now in the back facing away. I have some exact dates at home but that's generally the history. You can find most of the NY station sites off Historic Orange County Maps from 1903.

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