Try Riding Like A Rail Baron (When a Gulfstream V Won't Do)

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Try Riding Like A Rail Baron (When a Gulfstream V Won't Do)

Post by Jeff Smith » Fri Jun 24, 2011 3:10 pm

Posting here to get some attention, and then moving it over to General Class I Freight.

Pretty good article and pictures/subscription may be required: ... atsNewsTop ... osModule_1
ON THE LITTLE ROCK EXPRESS—If corporate jets are your idea of sky's-the-limit business travel, try riding a corporate train.

Every big American railroad has one for its bosses: a string of sleepers, dining cars, theater cars, gym cars and—bringing up the rear—a private "office car." They date to streamliner days when the freight lines still hauled passengers. Now they haul executives.

The railroads don't brag about these trains. "It might be seen as a luxury," says an official at one. A Norfolk Southern spokesman: "We're not interested in making it public." Tom Lange, spokesman for the Union Pacific: "It's not mysterious—just not accessible."

Which made it all the more incredible to Jim O'Connor that he was in one. He was seated on the green plush couch of the Feather River, a Union Pacific private office car—one of eight the railroad owns—at the end of this special express heading west past Dexter, Mo., and on toward Poplar Bluff.
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