Brook Park OH Dumba$$ Saved by Cop

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Brook Park OH Dumba$$ Saved by Cop

Post by Jeff Smith » Fri Mar 18, 2016 9:44 am" onclick=";return false; ... rook-park/" onclick=";return false;
BROOK PARK, Ohio-- An Elyria man made a critical mistake when he ignored the flashing lights at a rail crossing Thursday night, Brook Park police said.

It happened on Eastland Road and Route 237. According to the police report, the man drove around a truck in front of him and went out onto the tracks, causing one of the front tires on his work van to get stuck.
I'm betting he loses his job.
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Re: Brook Park OH Dumba$$ Saved by Cop

Post by Ralic110 » Fri Mar 18, 2016 4:14 pm

I heard about this the day it happened since I work for AT&T. Our bosses got word an AT&T van got hit by a train in our area. Come to find out it is a contractor for Direct TV who decided he wanted to swerve around the gates and ended up skidding off the edge of the crossing and got his van stuck on the rails due to the angle of the crossing and the amount of rain we've been having in the area. Ironically the very next day was my crew's safety breakfast and was a large point of discussion between my us, our manager, his boss, and our regional boss who also attended the breakfast.

As far as what happened to that guy, we've got no idea what happened to him exactly, but I know if he actually worked for AT&T, he would more than likely suspended awaiting termination once the company clears everything past the union.

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