Spots close to Fort Myers Florida?

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Spots close to Fort Myers Florida?

Post by ClevelandOhioRailfan » Wed Jul 23, 2014 9:24 pm

Hey In a couple of weeks i will going to Fort Myers Florida. I plan on railfanning there but the only issue is that i heard Fort Myers does not have any Amtrak nor CSX Running through there. It would be awesome if you guys could give me information on spots that are generally close to the fort myers are that has a good amount of CSX Traffic and Amtrak traffic.
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Re: Spots close to Fort Myers Florida?

Post by StrictlyBenching » Thu Aug 07, 2014 3:10 pm

Hello clevelandohiorailfan, We have a short line here in fort myers called the Seminole gulf railroad. It mainlines with CSX in arcadia florida and maintains over 100 miles of track between arcadia and naples, with most freight operating out of fort myers. The dinner train operates monday-friday i believe and you can catch it leaving the station northbound from a parking lot near winkler rd/fowler st every night between 5 to about 9 pm i believe, check there website to see times. I know tampa has a lot of freight traffic aswell if your looking for a larger yard, however there are some vintage boxcars that are lying around one of the spurs/layups they use as storage. You'll also Frequently catch TTX Rbox's and Tbox's at the Hanson/metro layup Along with canadian pacific excess height boxcars maybe once a week. Occasionally well get a few KCS,CSXT,and Norfolk southern boxcars but outside of that its mainly oilers and gondolas. If you want any info on where to catch a good look at the engines let me know or if you want anymore information. Even though its a shortline the bull is still pretty strict so try to stay away from the tracks!

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