The Creations of Ben Neal

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The Creations of Ben Neal

Post by daylight4449 » Mon Feb 21, 2011 4:39 pm

Now, this is meant to act as a record for the creations of Ben Neal, on of the best when it comes to creating american steam locomotives, both in standard and narrow gauges, that anyone can get for free. Having most of his creations loaded onto my copy of Trainz, i can say they are incredibly detailed and work very well. Here's a current list of his work:
Narrow Gauge:
-Unitah #20 and #21
-Unitah #51
-Clearlake #12 and Murchison #8
-DSP&P cooke 2-6-0 #71
-EBT heavy 2-8-2 #17
-3ft gauge steam dummies
-All locomotives in the DRG&W C-18 class
-3ft gauge 4-4-0
-3ft gauge 2-6-0
-Colorado and Southern #9
-DRG&W K-27 #460
-Lima class B 28-8 shays in 30in and 36in gauge
-20ton vulcan 0-4-0Ts
-Kiso forestry 0-4-2s
-Alco 2-4-2T
-30in gauge freight cars
-30in gauge 2-8-2s
-30in gauge 2-6-2s
-30in gauge 2-6-6-2s
-30in gauge 4-6-0s
-30in gauge 4-4-0s
-30in gauge passenger cars
-30in gauge 4-8-4
-generic 2ft gauge shay
-Darjeeing Himilayan #31

Standard Gauge:
-B&O docksider
-Northern Pacific class F1 2-8-0s and reskins
-Golden Spike locos
-Harriman 4-4-2
-baldwin light 2-8-2
-V&T reno, genoa, and inyo
-Alco stock 0-4-0T
-N&W class J 4-4-2
-FEC pacifics
-Class J 4-8-4

Generic downloads:
-Modern 2-6-0
-Modern 4-4-0s
-Light 2-6-2(classmate to reader 108)
-Modern 2-8-0s
-Medium 4-6-0s
-Heavy 57in" 2-8-2s
-Baldwin standard 2-10-0s (Strasburg 90 is in this group)
-NYC K-11 #19
-USRA light 2-8-2
-USRA light 4-8-2
-USRA light 2-10-2
-USRA light 2-8-8-2
-Chop nose SD9

Quite an interesting portfolio. Who knows what he'll do next, and I intend to use this thread to allow people to keep track of these creations

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