OpenBVE: What If Amtrak Bought the ALP-46 and Beefed it Up?

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OpenBVE: What If Amtrak Bought the ALP-46 and Beefed it Up?

Post by Fan Railer » Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:02 pm

This could be a likely result:" onclick=";return false;

I present to you a repainted ALP-46 with full custom Amtrak Livery (AEM-7, HHP-8, AND ACS-64 hybridized design) and assorted consists to operate it with, including Surfliner trains and Amfleet trains. (More info below download links)

Download the train pack here: ... k_V1.0.rar" onclick=";return false;
To install, simply drag the folder named Amtrak ALP-46 from the zip file to your pre-existing ALP-46 folder.
The original ALP-46 Pack V1.0 is here: ... Train_Pack_(Complete_Exteriors" onclick=";return false;)_V1.0.rar
Some routes to run it on: ... n_Pack.rar" onclick=";return false; ... e_Pack.rar" onclick=";return false; ... s_Pack.rar" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false; ... lyomvar.gz" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

I tweaked the operating specifications to suite Amtrak's needs for high power and performance:
Power system: 25 kV / 60 Hz ; 12kV / 25Hz ; 12.5 kV / 60 Hz
Axles arrangement: Bo'Bo'
Service weight: 100 t
Starting tractive effort: 325 kN
Continuous tractive effort: 260 kN @ 89 km/h ; 115 kN @ 201 km/h
Braking effort: 240 kN @ 96 km/h - 4 km/h
Rated power (Max): 6400 kW
Rated power (Continuous): 6000 kW
Brake power (Continuous): 6000 kW
Allowed top speed: 201 km/h
Designed overspeed: 217 km/h
Gauge: 1435 mm
Length between couplers: 19900 mm
Distance Between Bogie Center: 10950 mm
Bogie Wheel Base: 2650 mm
Vehicle Width: 2950 mm
Wheel Diameter (New): 1118 mm
Height (Over Pantograph): 4489 mm

Be sure to refer to the operating tips provided in each individual train's info file. Enjoy =)

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