tulare valley railroad information wanted!

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tulare valley railroad information wanted!

Post by dan the ca railfan » Wed Sep 26, 2018 3:15 pm

the tulare valley railroad was a short line railroad that operated from 1992-2008 when they sold their existing lines to the san Joaquin valley railroad. i want to write a book about then. ho it doesn't have to be long!

i have mapped out all their lines they were ex-atsf branch lines that the bnsf at the time atsf sold some failling central valley branch lines to some one who created the tulare valley railroad although they didn't start operations till 1992.

any information that could help would be great!

i have looked and looked and have not found any great information just the basics.

so if you have information that you think might help me just put in the thread or just pm even if your not entirely sure that it will help me just reach out to me anyway.


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