Santa Fe War Baby Locomotives?

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Santa Fe War Baby Locomotives?

Post by Death Star » Tue Sep 03, 2013 6:55 pm

Did the Santa Fe ever paint their warbonnet passenger EMD's and Alco PA units in war baby colors similar to what the SP did with their Daylights during WW2?

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Re: Santa Fe War Baby Locomotives?

Post by Desertdweller » Wed Dec 18, 2013 8:26 pm

No, I don't think so. PAs were postwar locomotives, not war babies. War baby Santa Fe passenger Diesel locomotives would have been FTs, DL109s, E1s, and E6s.
These were all painted in the red and silver warbonnet.

After the war, dual-service roadswitchers were painted in the regular freight scheme.

Much later, dual-service F-units were sometimes painted in a yellow and silver warbonnet, or a blue and silver warbonnet.


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