Alive in 2012 (Modern Photos of Fallen Flag Rolling Stock)

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Alive in 2012 (Modern Photos of Fallen Flag Rolling Stock)

Post by Davidellias » Sun Jul 29, 2012 10:16 pm

here are some pictures of Rolling Stock of Fallen Flags I took in 2012, feel free to add your own pics ... id=2875982

BN Hi-cube Boxcar. ... %20035.JPG

Seaboard gondola, with a cheap number font ... id=3051733

Speaking of Seaboard, an SBD caboose ... id=2963522

NW Hopper, you'd be surprised at how I see on NS trains ... id=2894524

Even more common are Southern freight cars. ... %20079.JPG

Mopac is still alive and well sorta ... %20017.JPG

SCL Gondola, nice treat ... id=3001150

And probably the rarest one I've caught a Reading Gondola!

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Re: Alive in 2012 (Modern Photos of Fallen Flag Rolling Stoc

Post by trackwelder » Mon Jul 15, 2013 7:57 pm

this is a great photo essay! i live in philadelphia and the only reading or prr cars still in their old livery i've ever seen ar stranded on old disconnected spurs, and it only 3 total. where'd you see that reading gondola?
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