Restoring a Sante Fe Pullman Car

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Restoring a Sante Fe Pullman Car

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I have a Sante Fe Pullman Sleeper car. Originally put in service Feb. 22 1915. Car name AYLESBURY # 3038. It served on the Sante Fe economy route from Chicago to Los Angeles. The N&W got the car in 1953 and used it on their MoW crew. Does anyone have any information such as pictures, diagrams or anything related to this car. It was used on The "SCOUT' which ran Chicago to Los Angeles. Telephone 336-886-1148. Thanks. M.T. Carpenter.

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Re: Restoring aSante Fe Pullman Car

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They may be able to help:
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Re: Restoring a Sante Fe Pullman Car

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Might be some resources here:
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Re: Restoring a Sante Fe Pullman Car

Post by John_Perkowski » Tom Madden's site has the complete steel era builders records of Pullman. You can find plan and lot. Their museum library has all the plans.

There's a yahoo group, Passenger Car List. People on it discuss real and model, and focus on Pullmans. There are folks on it who have been where you are going to be going.
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