Los Angeles Ca Wig-Wag Signal....

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Los Angeles Ca Wig-Wag Signal....

Post by joe k » Sun Jan 22, 2017 4:20 pm

This is for Railfan and Movie Buffs.....watching the 1978 Ryan O'Neal movie "The Driver" and during one of the chase scenes there is a Wig-Wag Signal along a industrial section of LA.

Was curious to know if it still in service and does anyone know the location of the signal seen in the movie.....possibly saved and relocated to a museum or private owner??

FYI, We just recently rebuilt a circa 1930 DW Style Automatic Flagman, formally located on the NYS&W Railway here in Butler New Jersey.
You can visit the Whippany Railway Museum on Facebook or our web site for more info and images of this old Wig-Wag!
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