Phil Anschutz sale of the SP

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Phil Anschutz sale of the SP

Post by CPF363 » Mon Jun 03, 2013 5:45 pm

Looking back to the mid 1990s, did Phil Anschutz make the right decision to sell the Southern Pacific (SP, D&RGW and SSW) to the Union Pacific Railroad? Was staying independent ever a consideration of SP management, KCS has been successful without merging, could this had been a viable option? Could Anschutz have sold out to someone such as Warren Buffett who could have provided investment capital into the system? Could the KCS have been a suitable owner? Should SP management, during deliberations of the BNSF merger, negotiated for some viable lines to further enhance the system verses trackage rights, e.g. Chicago-Kansas City, Denver-Kansas City, Pueblo-Dallas and access into the Powder River Basin for example? Say UP was able to merge with the Santa Fe, would a SP-BN merger had been a better fit for the SP than the UP?

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