Trying to find out about tracks in Stanton, California

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Trying to find out about tracks in Stanton, California

Post by Rbts Stn » Mon Oct 29, 2012 4:58 pm

Posted this in Canadian Railfan (misread Canadian as California) by mistake. Hope someone can answer or point me towards an answer

My in laws are considering moving to the area to be closer to the grandchildren, and one of the places they are considering is on Katella, near Western Avenue. Since I can't go out there to look, I can use my Google map skillz to look for any potential issues. And I see tracks that appear to be freights, heading north, halfway between Beach and Western that then turn east (extensively) and west (appear to end before Knott ave).

Any idea how much traffic these tracks see, especially in that stretch from Chapman to Katella, and east north of Katella to Dale street and beyond?


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