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number 18

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whats up with engine no 18?hasent run in a while

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Re: number 18

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Announcement on their webpage:" onclick=";return false;

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Re: number 18

Post by DGC-24711 »

I was just buying tickets for a NYS Maple Weekend trip on the A & A, and was wondering about motive power for the ride and hit upon their Facebook page. I don't use FB, so I just click upon pages that you don't have to be signed in to see. Anyways, their top post, March 4, says the repairs to #18 are much more extensive and #18 will not run for the 2019 season.

Also, that NYS Maple weekend trip I mentioned above, is a rare ride to the end of the line (and return to Curriers Sta. to eat pancakes) in North Java to the Kibler's Sugar Shack - I remember going there a few years ago, it's on the west side of Reisdorf's on the south side of Perry Rd.

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Re: number 18

Post by thestrasburg90 »

Beloved no. 18 is set to receive a new firebox to bring her up to FRA safety standards. I believe the work is being contracted out this time instead of being done in-house like her previous 2002-07 rebuild but it will have her out of service for at least 2019. Her 1,472 is being conducted as part of the rebuild so when she makes her return she will be running for another 10-15 years!

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