Atlanta, GA MARTA Rail Speed Limit Map

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Atlanta, GA MARTA Rail Speed Limit Map

Post by MattW » Sat Feb 23, 2019 9:08 pm

I didn't see a general MARTA topic, all the ones I found were for specific projects. For fun and information, here's a map I made showing the normal speed limits MARTA's HRT trains are capable of achieving. ... sp=sharing" onclick=";return false;
Red = 25mph
Yellow = 37mph (yes really, thirty-seven)
Blue = 50mph
Blue-Green = 60mph
Green = 70mph

I rode the entire system north of and including the Blue/Green line today and was able to validate most of those speeds. Make sure to zoom in enough to see the limits for both tracks because frequently they're different. A notable example is between East Lake and Edgewood-Candler Park along the pocket track, the main track to the inside of the big curve is 70mph, but the outside track is only 60.

Another semi-related key observation I made today, MARTA's automatic train operation system is pretty lousy. It does moderate to full power till it hits the cab speed, then clamps on full braking till the train is 10mph under, then back up again. The speed profile under ATO would resemble a sawtooth wave. A good operator running manually (I had a few today) can hold the speed right under the limit and anticipate hills to keep the speed more consistent.

One note, I don't know how these speeds apply to "running reverse," in other words running on the left hand track (such as during single tracking). I also don't have switch speeds on here, the Red-Gold junction just north of Lindbergh seems to be good for 37mph, the crossover at North Springs only allows 25mph, I'm guessing the other crossovers are only good for 25mph too, no idea about pocket tracks, but would guess the same.

I hope this is of interest to someone.


Quick disclaimer: All information presented in this map was acquired through strictly legal means; absolutely no tresspassing, nor unauthorized access of information occurred during the process of gathering this information.

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