Commuter rubic's competition

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Commuter rubic's competition

Post by Ronal U18C Indonesia » Tue Jul 31, 2018 7:14 am

Your think a heavy train or commuter train company is only take care of mean, infrastructure and profit in domain of company? Tetot¡­ Your thought is doesn't true, a company also add concern to lot of passenger, the proof the Indonesia commuter train's company(PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia), wich's Indonesia Railway's subsidary Company organize some race entitled COMMUTER RUBIC'S COMPETITION, that where participants is require adjust a color wich exists in a rubics

This race starting from 08.30 AM Indonesia's time, every participants given a facilities follow as
Train used race's onboard're train 1100 Jakarta Kota-Bogor from Jakarta Kota to Lenteng Agung wich in the sense train used're commuter train Redline Bogorbound

A number of regulations must tobe obeyed passenger, journalist, and parent's of participants it's a
1. Accompany in different next door(participants in TEC, parent in TC or MC)
2. The train only entered parent's of participants, journalist, and official
3. The rubic's doesn't be lube
4. Parent's of participants must buy tickets themshelves
Compositte of comittee
Mr :
Erlian Saputra
Mr :
Hafidz Dary
Bali Catur
Garuda Firmansyah
Willy Arizqi
Ahmad Fauzi
Mr Muhammad Yunan Fahmi
Coordinator of actions and time keeper
Mr Bahrul Alam

This event attended from famous TV channel exp. MetroTV, KompasTV, iNETtv and TVone, with Bismillah speechess, this race opened by Manager outside of Passenger Marketing Kereta Commuter Indonesia's Mrs Ella Herlina, not needed long time, 12 winners has been choosen, next than, has been choosen again 3 with a lottery competition, who raise hand frist, he must sing a children song and the song entitled has been choosen is Balonku(My ballon) and Naik Kereta Api(By a Train)

Event of Commuter rubic's competition has been won by
Phillip Maxwel(1st winners)
Rp 2000000,-
Rayhan Yeoh(2nd winners)
Rp 1500000,-
Winda Wardani(3rd winners)
Rp 1000000,-
Wahana Daya Pertiwiku, Sahayata Seva Rakhateku, it's my hobbies Indonesia railfans

IR, IR, IR yeay!!!

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