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Re: Hours of Service/outlaw rule

Post by terms-d » Wed Jul 23, 2014 3:18 am

CPSK wrote:
rovetherr wrote:12 hours is 12 hours, no its, ands or buts. The crew is supposed to plan ahead so that when their time is up, the train is stopped and tied down clear of crossings, control points, etc. Even if that means stopping before their time is run out. Just another reason we have to know our physical characteristics.
Reason I asked the question is that while listening to CSX here in NJ, I heard dispatcher and crew discussing taking a "chance" to move crew farther south towards eventual destination of the train so as to free up a siding elsewhere. They finally decided to tie the train down where it was, clear of all crossings, etc and call the taxi. That is the decision I would have made had I been either crew or dispatcher. IMHO, if you want to take a chance like that, Mr. Murphey will catch you, and make things difficult.

I'm fairly confident Murphy was a railroader :P

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