What is the Best Rail Map Setup?

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What is the Best Rail Map Setup?

Post by railfan1928 » Mon May 15, 2017 4:18 pm

I have been using Google Earth, and they do a great job of showing all of the rails with the rail layer, but it is impossible to change the color of the rails or show Class I/II/III etc. So I switched over to ArcGIS software, and that is good but very resource draining on my machine. I have also only found reliable maps for the Class I rails, so it has nowhere close to the amount of rail detail found in Google Earth. I am planning on using some kind of setup through openrailwaymap.org but it seems highly complicated to use.

Does anyone have an easy method of setting up openrailwaymap.org? Any guides out there?

My main goals:
-- Calculate total rail track miles easily
-- Add my own custom "items" to the maps, like various businesses and facilities
-- Clearly show track names, and and delineate using colors, so I can quickly figure out where the Class Is are and who is connecting to them

Thanks to all for the help.


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