Video-CP Rail crossing the Niagara River

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Video-CP Rail crossing the Niagara River

Post by SST » Sat Apr 20, 2019 4:40 pm

While it was a nice day for biking earlier this week I rode the bike to the Black Rock crossing and climbed the "mountain" to get a good view of the river. Fortunately I caught a CP train coming across from Fort Erie. Turns out to be a long train. I have never seen a train this long crossing the river. Its usually like 10 or 15 cars. I didn't even count this time. By the time the locomotives went past the Customs check point on the other side of the Black Rock Swing Bridge, the last auto rack wasn't even near the bridge yet. There were a few new BNSF auto racks without even graffiti painted on them. I'm sure somebody will take care of that." onclick=";return false;

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