RR at Victory NY

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RR at Victory NY

Post by BobLI »

I was in Victory the other day and saw the abandoned cotton mill and I read that the Saratoga and Schuylerville RR ran through the town. Was there a siding to the mill and where did the RR run through town? I didn’t see any signs of the ROW.

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Re: RR at Victory NY

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I'm guessing "Victory" and "Victory Mills" are the same place?
(I'm a western New Yorker. ;)
If so, by 1935 the railroad through town was the Boston & Maine, and it ran right alongside the main street, Gates ave/Route 32.
you can see it on the 1935 topo map here:

http://legacy.lib.utexas.edu/maps/topo/ ... e-1935.jpg

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Re: RR at Victory NY

Post by nydepot »

Saratoga and Schuylerville RR ran the line after the B&M, 1946-56.

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Re: RR at Victory NY

Post by lvrr325 »

In short, per a website on the railroad, yes. However it was no longer a cotton mill by the time the railroad existed, it had become the United Board and Carton plant, in Victory Mills.

Given the line was lightly built and abandoned in 1956 I'm not surprised its hard to find the ROW. Some of it through Victory Mills was on a trestle.

http://gino.cdfw.net/SANDS/index.html has maps, photos, etc.

Station in Schuylerville is still there, as is the line's enginehouse.

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Re: RR at Victory NY

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