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Re: New Hampshire and Vermont RR/Twin State

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mowingman wrote:I just stumbled across this photo posted on a Yahoo Group I belong to. ... id=3300148
Seems like this caboose ended up on another Forbes-owned railroad in Florida. That railroad, the Florida West Coast, I think, is also long gone. The location is noted as Newberry, Florida.
The FWC is long gone... It was created to serve the G-P mill in Chiefland mostly, but when it closed...FWC only had a feed company to service.

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Re: New Hampshire and Vermont RR/Twin State

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What year (date if possible) did the NHVT start interchanging with the B&M (Guilford) at White River Jct.? I know this interchange was for freight to/from Berlin. I know the bridge over the Connecticut River between Wells River and Woodsville was embargoed in 1995, when did that take place in 1995? That ended all rail service south of Littleton and between Waumbek Jct to Berlin. What was in Littleton at the time that kept this active?

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Re: New Hampshire and Vermont RR/Twin State

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I believe the last few years of service in Littleton were kept alive by a transload of some kind in the lot between Deer Ct. and where the new Industrial Park rd. cuts across the tracks and the rails end. I recall 669 pulling a single lumber flat to and from the spot up until around the time the rails were pulled to that crossing. It's heavily used by ATV's and bikers, and the town of Littleton is currently building a new pedestrian bridge to replace the one torn down in the mid 90's on Bridge St. (base of Deer Ct. hill). The town may pull the rails back to that crossing, I honestly don't know at this point.
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