The Flying Yankee

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Re: The Flying Yankee

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IRM has an operating CB&Q Zephyr set,powered by an E-6.
The other Zephyr sets have the purpose built power cars and Winton 201a prime mover.
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Re: The Flying Yankee

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ProRail wrote:
Tue Sep 24, 2019 11:53 am
At this point the best thing to happen is that the Flying Yankee gets put back together, stuffed and mounted as a display again. There are just too many logistical problems involving wyes, reliable engine power, and the fixed seating capacity of it to warrant throwing more money down the hole. You don't see any of the surviving CB&Q Zephyrs in operating condition for the same reasons.
That would certainly be better than letting it sit to rot away at the Hobo, but who are we kidding the state has no place to put it and aren't even trying to raise the funds to move it. You honestly think the state will maintain it, if they stuff if for display somewhere? It will be forgotten and neglected (not that it hasn't already been forgotten). The state has backed themselves into a corner and unless they become proactive and starts to give a damn the outcome is not looking so great; the restoration group isn't even worth mentioning anymore, there's probably no members left, so in my view the state has 100% accountability at this point.
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