Vintage images of Springfield Union Station

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Vintage images of Springfield Union Station

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Seeking images for publication for a feature article about Springfield Union Station. Looking for pre-Amtrak era. Scenes showing B&M and NH trains in or near the depot would be awesome. Also, there are very few photos from any era that show the entire building. An old colorized postcard view would be neat, if any exist.

If you have images you're willing to share for publication, please email me at Thanks!

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Re: Vintage images of Springfield Union Station

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Mornin' Otto, Where will the article appear, magazine, newspaper, etc.? Also, I would start by contacting Scott Hartley, as I don't know him personally, but if anyone can turn you on to photos, info, etc. he's the first person I'D think of.
Good luck, and I look forward to perusing the finished project.

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