Russell Snow Plow Drawings

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Russell Snow Plow Drawings

Post by baatlettroundhouseguy »

I am trying to get a copy of drawings of the front end of a 1923 Russell Snow Plow. I have looked in other threads but I can find no mention of any drawings. The plow is in Bartlett, NH and needs its front end restored. I have contacted other railroads but no one I have talked to has any drawings. They must exist somewhere. Can anyone help?

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Re: Russell Snow Plow Drawings

Post by Safetee »

i am sure that there are a number of ways to find out what you need either by photographing and measuring extant units of which there are quite a few to be found here in new england, or search the myriad of articles and drawings to be found on the web, or possibly look up russell plow drawings in the two major model railroad magazines who undoubtedly made drawings of these units over the past sixty years. last but not least consider checking rail fan libraries such as b&m historical society in lowell, seashore trolley, and the lwalker collection.

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Re: Russell Snow Plow Drawings

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Try, there are some great drawings for building a model Russell plow, hope this is helpful.

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