LVRC & NHVT locomotives

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LVRC & NHVT locomotives

Post by bml54 »

I've been watching old videos of the Lamoille valley rr and nh&v and ive seen 2 rs3's a ex carter rr gp9rm and a rs 11 does any one know there warabotce? I know the rail was pulled a few years ago.
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Re: lamine valley railroad and nh&v loco's

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Some of this may have changed and I'm not sure of the disposition of the NHV units but for LVRC...

7801 DL 4068, ex, YDHR 7801 exx LVRC 7801 nee D&H 4068, in service on D-L
7802 LVRC 7805, nee D&H 4125, scrapped late 1980s/early 1990s in Morrisville Deadline nee D&H 4125.
7803 PREX 203, ???, ex LVRC 7803, exx P&W 4071, nee D&H 4071 scrapped 2010-2013, scrapped at pioneer rail in illinois
7804 MSO 7804, ???, ex LVRC 7803, nee D&H scrapped early 2010s MSO 7804 last at Michigan Southern, I believe still around.
7805 LVRC 7805, ???, nee LS&I 1609, scrapped at Morrisville mid 2000s despite operable condition (D&H

DWP 3608->CV 3608->LVRC 3608->CERM 3608, sold to Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum but scrapped in Morrisville mid 2000s.
DWP 3612->CV 36112->LVRC 3612->YDHR 3612, in service.
DWP 3601->CV 3061->LVRC3601->private owner in VT, parts unit, believe scrapped

???, ex LVRC 7961, exx ICG 7961, nee ICG 8961, didn't spend much time on LVRC, wherabout unknown?

Included are a couple tiny picture of 7961, the only color photos I can find of it on LVRC.
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Re: lamine valley railroad and nh&v loco's

Post by NHV 669 »

my namesake still operates down on the FEC.
NHV 3800 is with Ontario Rail link, now #2000.
The RS11, I have no idea
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Re: lamine valley railroad and nh&v loco's

Post by bml54 »

thanks guys

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Re: lamine valley railroad and nh&v loco's

Post by svobronco »

RS11 3601 is in a private collection in VT along with a few box cars and a caboose. I laid eyes on it 2 years ago. Unlikely it was scrapped.

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Re: lamine valley railroad and nh&v loco's

Post by GP40MC1118 »

From my notes:

7802 - Wrecked 8/6/79 Greensboro Bend, Vt.. Retired and used for parts and scrapped at
Morrisville. OR to Wabash & Grand River 7802. Then to Fort Smith 7802. Dispo unknown.
7803 - 6/88 to Pioneer Railcorp and assigned 9/88 to West Jersey Shore 7803. Transferred to
West Michigan 7803. Transferred to Michigan Southern, but inactive by 2003.
7804 - 7/88 to Pioneer Railcorp and assigned to West Jersey Short 7804. Transferred 4/95 to
Decatur Jct 7804. Transferred 8/97 to Michigan Southern 7804.
7805 - Used on Twin State RR. Stored 10/95 at Whitefield, NH, then to Morrisville. Sold late 1998
to AA Merrillees Ltd? Still reported inside at Morrisville as of 9/15/03. Scrapped by Fall 2004.

7961 - Sold 4/87 to AA Merrillees Ltd. Sold 5/87 to Domtar 7961 (Red Rock, Ontario). Renumbered to
Domtar 67. Company name changes to Norampic. Sold 1998 to Canadian Railserve (Stettler,

3601 - Now privately owned (1995) by Richard Steiniger (E.Berkshire, Vt. minus prime mover). On display
off Camp Road in E. Berkshire with other notice equipment.
3608 - Agreed
3612 - Sold 2/95 to AA Merrillees. Leased to Petromont (Montreal). Sold 8/96 to York-Durham Heritage Rwy
(Uxbridge, Ontario)

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Re: lamine valley railroad and nh&v loco's

Post by thebigham »

There is a Lamoille Valley thread here: ... &start=135" onclick=";return false;

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Re: lamine valley railroad and nh&v loco's

Post by mandealco »

I asked the following question on the thread mentioned by Chris above, but had no feedback. Anyone able to answer it?

I thought I knew lots about the motive power of the Lamoille Valley, but I've just seen something on Ebay that was a complete surprise. There are a couple of slides for sale, showing Cartier Geeps in Morrisville. What's the story behind the pair of Canadian built GP-9s. The slides are dated July 1990. One of the Geeps is in the older green and yellow scheme, the other in the newer orange and black. Any more on these?
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Re: lamine valley railroad and nh&v loco's

Post by LVRCboy »

7802 was rescued from the torch, came across this info by chance, Wabash and Grand Rivers had it rebuilt as a dewit geep
Last I could find, it is prex 102, operable...
7805, before it was scrapped, had batteries and traction motors pulled and put in 7801 before it was sold to York-Durham and then back to D&L ....
7803 was scrapped in Feb 2012, 7804 in DEC 2011..

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Re: lamine valley railroad and nh&v loco's

Post by Dick H »

1990 photo by John Shumann ... 0_0004.jpg" onclick=";return false;

1997 Photo by John Stubblefield" onclick=";return false;

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Re: LVRC & NHVT locomotives

Post by traingeek8223 »

LVRR 7802 and Pioneer Rail 102 are not the same locomotive. LVRR 7802 was D&H 4125 and has been scrapped. Pioneer 102 is ex. Conrail 9931, CNJ 1549. It was painted yellow and green when it joined the 7803 and 7804 on the West Jersey.
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