Return of the living dead :)

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Glen Warmann

Return of the living dead :)

Post by Glen Warmann »

Hi Matt and all on the OHIO forums!!! Been a while since I posted anything on RRNET. Have not had too much access to a P.C. lately, But, Here I am. One Ohio question, Is Fostoria still as buisy as it was 3 years ago??? I still want to get there one of these years. And, Are all three sets of diamonds acessible??? Thanks for any info.



Post by matt »

Hey Glen. Yes Fostoria is as busy as ever. We went down a couple of days ago and saw about 30 trains in about 6 hours.

The NS/CSX(B&O) can be photographed from the depot parking lot, which is between the 2 mains.

The NS/CSX(C&O) diamond is almost right on a road so you can get pretty close.

The CSX/CSX diamond is near F-Tower so you can't get toooooo close but good photos are still available, especially with proper zoom-in.

We look forward to the day you visit, Glen. Keep in touch.

Glen Warmann

Post by Glen Warmann »

Well, As soon as I get a better car than the one I have, I will head on down. Glad the three diamonds are either accessible, or close to accessible. One more Fostoria question, Are there any hobby shops in Fostoria? Would be a great place for one!!! I'm really hoping to get there by next spring or summer, even if I have to RENT a car!!! Because of times, taking Amtrak is OUT!!!!



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I do not believe there is a hobby shop in Fostoria. At least there hasn't been one easily found when I've been there time and time again.

There is, however, one in Tiffin which is just a quick hop on Rt 18 out of Fostoria. It's about a 10 minute trip, and the great thing is that the CSX ex-B&O line is within view the whole trip, and Tiffin holds it's own railfanning opportunities as well. It's not a big hobby shop, but it's nice nonetheless. I live in Fremont, which is about 12 miles northeast of Fostoria and I make the trip to that hobby shop about every other week... along with a sidetrip to Fostoria of course! :wink:

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Well eventhough there is not an official hobby shop in Fostoria. There is an antique shop with some rail stuff in it and around it.
I was in Fostoria over the 4th of July weekend, so the shop was closed as was almost everything else. I did get the chance to see some live action.

I found only 4 of the 6 stations in Fostoria.
Where is the former C&O freight station?
Dan West's database says its at the OH Route 12 C&O crossing. Since I do not have an older map...where is the C&O crossing?

The other station I missed was the one at E. High and Spruce...since again I did not have any map with me.

From Toledo...what is the best way to get to Fostoria...OH-199, US-23, or I-75 to OH-18?

What is the address of the hobby shop in Tiffin you mentioned?


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