Power in the middle?

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Power in the middle?

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I was out in the yard with my son this past weekend (saturday). Therewas a Autorack train parked on the CSX's Main (TT) #2 and another train was rolling on #1. Well as I sat out there I noticed there was a loud grumble as I looked there were 2 Engines in the middle if the coal train. I saw this once before a while ago (at least 15yrs ago). Why does CSX do this, just to help over the mountains down south? Why wouldnt they disconnect since in NW ohio there are NO mountains. I could not tell what the engines were although they did have 6 axles each.


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Post by railohio »

Probably just two trains stuck together for mechanical or crew problems.
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DPU probably "Distributed Power" and so on.
Or it could have been a second section train that was used to help push the first section. Alot of things could have happened.

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