Street running in Springfield

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Street running in Springfield

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Is anyone familiar with the street trackage that used to be found in Springfield, OH? I understand there were two locations where street running (of freight) took place.

The first location was on Jefferson St., which led from the NYC (CCC&StL)mainline to the Little Miami division of the PRR. This was abandoned circa 1983, and today the street shows no sign of tracks. A rail-trail, though not continuous to the south, ends where the street begins. (The Little Miami division also street-ran on US-68 in Xenia, but that was abandoned in the 1960s)

The second street-running location was on Washington St., which, if I am not mistaken, actually shared right-of-way with the NYC main for about 4 blocks. According to CTC Board magazine, this was only eliminated around 1990. Anyone know if there are any traces of this street trackage left, and how the track was re-aligned through town?

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