Ocean View was on today's southbound Illini

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Ocean View was on today's southbound Illini

Post by Arborwayfan » Sat Apr 01, 2017 9:17 pm

Ocean View (Amtrak's Dome) was on the southbound Illini today, so I assume it will be on the northbound Saluki tomorrow, April 2.

I was in Urbana, IL, with my son for the model railroad show there (in Lincoln Square), and we decided to watch one or both of the Illinis go by at speed outside of town. As it turned out we missed the northbound but we were in Tolono for the southbound. At first I thought it was running with a locomotive at each end, but then my son realized it was the full-length dome car! I guess after its month on the Hoosier State it's doing at least a couple of runs in Illinois.

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