cost of ROW's

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cost of ROW's

Post by #7470 » Thu Mar 31, 2011 10:45 am

Hey everyone. I'm in college majoring in business. We were given an assignment of writing a business plan for a made up business we are creating. I decided to break away from the norm as everyone seems to be picking similar businesses. Anyways I love trains and have decided to make my business a tourist railroad. We have to research the cost of what it will take to make our business happen. We are also limited as to where the business can be (limited to only Boston-North) so the ROW I picked is the Newburyport in Wakefield. It's been abandoned since 2001 and I believe rails-to-trails is looking to buy it or has already bought it. The MBTA did not answer my email so I decided to come here since you guys pick up abandoned ROW's all the time. I don't know how it works or if you guys are given state money to buy the ROW or are technically just renting it but could anyone give me an approximate cost of what 4 miles from Wakefield to Lynnefield would cost? Again it is a made up business plan being submitted for a contest so any accurate information you could give me for my research will be greatly appreciated.

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