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Re: Site Issues and Improvements

Post by TAMR213 »

I have been posting on this forum for 15 years now (since the original incarnation). I concur that no one should take a site outage so harshly, but I also share the concern that may be "ignored".

One question - if the site owner is a one "Evan Briton", then who is Jeff Smith? I thought he was the owner/admin but I suppose not...
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Re: Site Issues and Improvements

Post by MEC407 »

Jeff is the administrator of the forum, but to my knowledge he is not one of the owners.
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Re: Site Issues and Improvements

Post by acelaphillies »

TAMR213, well said. I think a lot of us, including myself, share your concern.

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Re: Site Issues and Improvements

Post by Jeff Smith »

Correct, I am not an owner; I am paid a small amount to administer, monitor, improve, coordinate, moderate, teach Kindergarten :-) etc. All moderators are volunteers.

Things have gotten better on the site lately; a lot of the issues were attacks in the form of thousands of spam registrations, etc. for which there wasn't an easy solution. I haven't gone through this whole thread but know that while I've been distracted lately with site performance issues, I am always interested in improving the site. I may not always respond personally due to time issues. Some of my fellow moderators also have admin privileges, and they've been a great help.

I am grateful to all of you for your continued participation in an evolving environment.
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Site problems with main page link

Post by Regardie »

I don't know where to put this as I can't find a site specific general discussion forum to post this in.

I have been getting a strange error when trying to access the home page at:

This is the error:
Your server is running PHP version 5.3.29 but WordPress 5.2.1 requires at least 5.6.20.
I get this from my home page bookmark and from clicking the link on the top of every page. This has been going on for a few days on different computers and different IP networks.

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Re: Site problems with main page link

Post by Ken W2KB »

Same here.
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Re: Site problems with main page link

Post by mtuandrew »

Moderator Note: I’ll flag it for Jeff. This isn’t the right place, let me see if I can find a better one.

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Post by b&m 1566 »

Anyone else seeing this when they type in
Your server is running PHP version 5.3.29 but WordPress 5.2.1 requires at least 5.6.20.
I have to type in to get to the forums page. It doesn't matter what device I use.

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Post by GP40MC1118 »

Yep...Been getting this message for two weeks now.

Using the same end around as you.


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Post by Stp243 »

Thanks for the work around on this. Is it a browser issue or a service provider issue? I use firefox and Comcast, respectively and get that error.

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Post by NHV 669 »

My only access is via Chrome, on an Android phone. Same here, isn't the browser.
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Post by Backshophoss »

The only running gripe from Chrome is the site is not secure.
It's possible that the current "template/php" has been made it to "end of life" stage?
Did "php" get bought out by Wordpress?
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Post by jcburns »

“This site is not secure”—It simply means that is served to you using the http protocol instead of the https protocol. That’s it. Any site that that is using the http protocol is sending the text of these pages to you unencrypted. That means that spies can read it if they intercept the packets. However, they can also read the site by..uh…just going to the site. There is really no reason for blogs or forums or websites that are presenting lists of useful data or public information…sites that you don’t do financial business with…to be encrypted. It’s just wasteful. (Sites that are encrypted by definition send a lot more bytes down the pipe, and take a lot more processing time at the server and on your machine to encrypt and decrypt.)

I absolutely think that sites you enter any sensitive information on should be encrypted both ways in transport (i.e. https), but all you’re entering here is your opinion and you’re entering it to be publicly seen anyway. Tim Berners-Lee, the guy who invented http and, well, the web, agrees. http is just fine for many, many, many purposes on the web.

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Post by b&m 1566 »

There was or is a lot more to than just the forum (by far its most popular feature), so how do you access the rest of the website when the code keeps popping up? Even when you click on their logo at the top left of the page the same code pops up.

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Post by DutchRailnut »

use better browser??
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