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RailMark Holdings Inc.

Post by kevin.brackney » Wed Jul 03, 2019 11:18 am

If one was to look at RailMark's website, it gives the impression that the Yreka Western is an up-and-running railroad; but on a recent visit there I encountered the contrary. The office (depot) is boarded-up and the engine house has been tagged, and switches without locks have been tampered with. The tall dry grass covers the ROW to the extent that you can barely see any track at all. The Yreka Chamber of Commerce has had no contact with RailMark, and the sole remaining industry with track still running into it assured me that no rail activity was being conducted there. I believe them, because I saw many employee vehicles parked on, or fouling, the tracks in this facility. RailMark has a job posting for the General Manager at the YW, and has for some time. What's going on, really?

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