Ft Worth TX,Tandy Corp shuttle

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Ft Worth TX,Tandy Corp shuttle

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I remember this line ran originaly from a department store to a off sit parking lot. THe first cars were PCC's looking like a colorful diner,their components and cars were from Boston PCC cars as well as others, they had their bodies replaced in later years to a boxier type car that remained a PCC under the hood but retired in 2002 with the box style car. My question I have was there any of their cars saved? If so where and is there any photos?? I know there is some remains of the line stations and row trackage. Thanks for any help or knowledge given. Stevie :-D
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Re: Ft Worth TX,Tandy Corp shuttle

Post by octr202 »

McKinney Ave. in Dallas has one:

Wondering if I'll see the Haverhill double-tracking finished before I retire...
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Re: Ft Worth TX,Tandy Corp shuttle

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Here are some photos of these cars in action on Tandy (Leonard's) Subway.

Photos courtesy of Dave's Railpix:

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Re: Ft Worth TX,Tandy Corp shuttle

Post by Jollygreenslugg »

The cars were ex-Washington DC from memory.

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Re: Ft Worth TX,Tandy Corp shuttle

Post by HarryN »

Cars for Tandy ( really the Old O&M Subway) came from MDC and Boston. In the last renovation, the cars were stripped to the frame for construction of the "Winnebago" style additions. All were more modernized with platform level doors, side seating, short trolley poles (for the subway). and at least one car was saved with the original sheet fluted sides. It now is a part of a Leonard brothers Museum near the old Montgomery building/warehouse in Ft Worth. A daughter of the Leonards has set up a nice small museum showing the products once sold by the Leonard Brothers and is well worth seeing.

As to other cars saved, North Texas Historic Transit non-profit group has 4 in storage at The T lot in Ft Worth.


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