Big Brother's Latest Plaything

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Big Brother's Latest Plaything

Postby Gilbert B Norman » Thu Mar 15, 2018 7:07 am

"Big Brother is watching"; from Today's Journal: ... 1521028800

Fair Use:

..Union Pacific Corp. UNP riled employees recently when it started flying drones over some of its railroad yards to ensure workers were following safety guidelines ensure workers were following safety guidelines.

The aerial spotters were looking for any number of behaviors that deviate from the railroad’s rule book, from passing between railcars that are less than 100 feet apart to climbing off moving equipment.

The response from the railroad workers’ union? Urging the rank and file to flood Union Pacific’s safety hotline with complaints that the drones make their jobs more dangerous.

Workers say that rather than promote safety, the drones create a hazard by distracting them when they should be laser-focused while around 200-ton locomotives and railcars moving along the tracks, according to Steve Simpson, general chairperson with the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers. “They are no longer looking ahead or at their task at hand,” he said. “They’re looking up

I would guess our Agreement colleagues will have full access, if denied by the Journal, to this material through their House Organs.

OK; it's their property, and it is their prerogative to surveill such in any manner seen fit. Now despite the denials by the several industry spokesmen that the objective is to keep employees safe, when will the day come, if not already, that the surveillance material is admitted at.a "Fair and impartial...." and with assessed discipline being upheld.
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