Johnstown, Pa.

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Johnstown, Pa.

Post by Statkowski » Fri Nov 16, 2012 9:18 pm

When did the B&O last provide passenger service to Johnstown, Pa.? I'm guessing it was a gas-electric? Where was their passenger depot?

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Re: Johnstown, Pa.

Post by ExCon90 » Wed Dec 19, 2012 2:06 pm

I got hold of a January 1930 Official Guide containing a schedule effective April 28, 1929, showing 2 trains daily in each direction from Rockwood to Johnstown. No. 56 left J. at 1.00 pm except Sun., arriving R. at 3.05, and connecting with No. 21, the Middle West Express (Baltimore-Cincinnati), leaving R. at 3.18, arriving in Pittsburgh at 6.30 pm. Its counterpart, No. 55, left R. at 4.25 pm daily, connecting from No. 16, the Chicago-Pittssburgh-Washington-Baltimore Express (Chicago-Baltimore), which left Pittsburgh at 12.40 pm and arrived in R. at 3.43 pm; No. 55 arrived in J. at 6.35 pm. The other train pair was No. 54 leaving J. at 6.00 am except Sun., arriving in R. at 8.10 am (Sun. No. 754 left J. at 8.30 am, arriving in R. at 11.00 am); the return was No. 53, leaving R. at 8.30 am, arriving in J. at 10.45 am. Nos. 53, 54, and 754 showed no connection in either direction at Rockwood. In addition, there was a morning turn from Somerset to Rockwood and back except Sun., with no connections at Rockwood. The Pittsburgh connections used the B&O station in Pittsburgh, since at that time all Chicago trains used the B&O throughout, not via P&LE. I have no idea where the B&O station at Johnstown was, but the Guide shows the distance from the PRR to the B&O station as 1/3 of a mile. There was no indication as to whether any of the trains was a doodlebug, but I checked the Philadelphia suburban trains, and there was no reference there either, even though some of them may have been doodlebugs; maybe the B&O simply didn't indicate (many railroads didn't). The next Guide I could find, that of Jan. 1934, shows freight service only at Johnstown.

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