Train Density on MTL-TOR Corridor

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Train Density on MTL-TOR Corridor

Postby twropr » Fri Jun 03, 2011 7:39 pm

If I counting correctly, VIA runs 24 weekday trains Montreal-Coteau Jct. and 20 weekdays trains Brockville-Toronto. How many freights does CN run over this corridor between ?Ballantyne and ?Clarke Jct.?
Does CN run more freight over the Dundas Sub. than it does the Kingston Sub?


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Re: Train Density on MTL-TOR Corridor

Postby Ken V » Sat Jun 04, 2011 11:38 am

I haven't actually counted them but I would guess there are 30-35 daily CN freight trains travelling over the Kingston Sub between Montreal and Toronto (not counting locals). Other estimates I've heard have been higher. Also, I guess there are a similar number that traverse the Dundas Sub between Toronto/Brampton and Sarnia. In my experience, the Dundas Sub seems busier for freight activity but that may be because there are more trains going through during the day and fewer at night. In any case, these are just guesses and I could be way off.

By the way, your count of VIA's is off slightly. There are 24 weekday trips scheduled between Brockville and Toronto as well (unless you discount two consists running joined together between these points, in which case you can subtract 2 for 50/52 and 54/56).
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Re: Train Density on MTL-TOR Corridor

Postby gp9rm4108 » Thu Aug 04, 2011 6:02 pm

I can give you a run down of what happens between Belleville and Dorval

Regular every day trains


106, 120, 148
107, 121, 149


305, 309, 369, 371, 373, 377
308, 310, 368, 372, 376

326 (From the south into Coteau and on to Tasch yard)
327 (Tash yard to Coteau and then south)

785/786 Maitland Ultramar turn out of Montreal. This I believe is every other day.


F51 - CP Smiths Falls to Brockville turn. Usually into Brockville late evening and closer to midnight. Sun-Thurs and sometimes Friday from what I remember ... could be different now.
532 - Brockville switcher - Works between Brock and Morrisburg - Days- Sat/Sun off

591 - Coteau - Cornwall/Iroqouis - Days - Fri/Sat off
538 - Coteau and surrounding area day job - Wed/Thurs off
536 - Coteau and surrounding area night job - Sun\Mon off
584 - Coteau turn in from Ottawa - Usually into Coteau in late evening - Doesn't run of Friday I think.

518 - Belleville to Kingston turn - day job. Sometimes goes west of Belleville - Fri Sat off
519 - Belleville night job that sometimes goes east of Belleveville to Bath or Queens - Fri Sat off

There are usually extras.

Common numbers for extra trains are X308, 350, 351, X371, Q192, 874 (loaded grain when ran), 875 (empty grain when ran).

It's common for 400 series OCS trains to make apprearances.

You said you have access to all the VIA's but I will add the weekday schedule in.

Toronto to Montreal

VIA 52, 56, 60, 64, 66, 68

Toronto to Ottawa

VIA 44, 46, 48

Toronto - Ottawa - Montreal

VIA 50, 54

Montreal to Ottawa

VIA 39, 635

Montreal - Ottawa - Toronto

VIA 51, 55, 59

Montreal to Toronto

VIA 53, 57, 61, 65, 67, 69

Ottawa to Montreal

VIA 30, 32, 36, 38

Ottawa to Toronto

VIA 41, 49

Toronto - Kingston - Toronto

VIA 650/651
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Re: Train Density on MTL-TOR Corridor

Postby railwayworker » Sun Dec 25, 2016 2:03 pm

cn Kingston Sub Regular every day trains

121 Halifax NS- Toronto BIT

120 - Intermodal; Toronto BIT - Halifax NS

148 Intermodal Chicago IL -Montreal QC

149 Intermodal Montreal QC -Chicago IL

371 Manifest Manifest Montreal QC -Chicago IL

373 Manifest Montreal QC - Toronto MacMillan Yard;

376 Manifest Toronto Macmillian Yard- Montreal QCCC

372 Manifest Chicago IL- Montreal QC

321 - Manifest; St Antoine QC - Toronto MacMillan Yard;

309 - Manifest; Joffre QC (Quebec City) - Toronto MacMillan Yard;

106 - Intermodal; Vancouver BC - Montreal QC

310 - Manifest; Toronto MacMillan Yard - Joffre QC

369 - Manifest; Arvida QC - Toronto MacMillan Yard

368 Toronto MacMillan Yard -Arvida Qc

305 - Manifest; Saint John NB - Toronto MacMillan Yard

377 - Manifest; Riviere des Prairies QC - Toronto MacMillan Yard

373 Manifest Riviere des Prairies QC - Toronto MacMillan Yard

112 Intermodal; Edmonton AB - Montreal QC
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Re: Train Density on MTL-TOR Corridor

Postby railwayworker » Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:34 pm

cn train info at brockville
Q121 02:00-02:55
Q120 03:52-04:50
Q106 Anytime
M376 Noon-2pm
M372 Noon-3pm
M377 3-6PM
M371 afternoonish
M373 Late Afternoon early Evening
M306 6-8pm
M368 8-10am
M305 7-8am
M369 8-10am
Q149 9-11am
M376 noon-3pm
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