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Postby Allouette » Thu Apr 27, 2017 7:23 am

I think I agree on the 1978 date for the switch to run via Schenectady. The same post gives a date of 1/12/1986 for the switch from NJ/CP to CN north of Rouses point, which seems about right considering other things that were going on at the time. The link was corrupted, here's a good version:
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Postby Dick H » Thu Jul 20, 2017 4:35 am

Racing season opens at Saratoga tomorrow (7/21) and runs through September 4th.
Northbounds Adirondack and Ethan Allen NYP/SAR are sold out for opening day.
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Postby Dick H » Sat Aug 12, 2017 8:06 pm

Timekeeping for Adirondack service on Friday, August 11 was out the window
at Westport NY. Northbound was just shy of two hours late and the Southbound
was 75 minutes late. About 20 passengers detrained from the Northbound and
about 20 passengers and a well behaved two year old Beagle,who seemed well
acquainted with climbing the stairs into the coach. boarded the Southbound.
Earlier, the Beagle owner had advised they would be getting off at Saratoga.

A morning visit to Saratoga found about 60 passengers boarding the Southbound
Ethan Allen. The S&NC train that is supposedly running Thursday through Sunday
did not move and there were no personnel around and the ticket office was locked.
The train consisted of loco #4135, one coach and one dome car. Also, I have not
visited Saratoga in many months, but since my last visit the combination snack bar
and gift shop has permanently closed.
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