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Re: All things Harrisburg (Keystone) Line

Postby Suburban Station » Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:07 am

STrRedWolf wrote:
Suburban Station wrote:I'm referring to bolt and megabus services that are an easy transfer across the street from 30th.

Bolt/Megabus has flaws. The big three I can think of are:
  • Bolt/Megabus are pre-pay only, and do not have a monthly/weekly pass. Think "Greyhound" with more capacity per bus.
  • Those are double-decker buses. You got height restrictions under bridges! The route needs to be carefully planned...
  • ...and the big one, the train is on a dedicated track and goes on average... what, 75-80 MPH? Way above highway speeds, which max out at 70 MPH? And the train doesn't have much traffic to contend? While such a bus would have to contend with drivers at different times of the day (let alone that lemon on the left).

Besides, doesn't SEPTA have commuter buses as well?

I'd guess most people would prefer to be on the train but Amtrak is not priced for college kids who are mostly using the buses of which there are many. bolt and megabus are both at 30th st with long lines. yo bus, Chinatown operators, our bus all in addition to the Trenton shuffle. they aren't perfect but they're reasonably fast at a fraction of the price.
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Re: All things Harrisburg (Keystone) Line

Postby Milepost 110 » Wed Oct 17, 2018 10:58 am

How many keystone sets are required for daily service?
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Re: All things Harrisburg (Keystone) Line

Postby electricron » Wed Oct 17, 2018 11:25 pm

Milepost 110 wrote:How many keystone sets are required for daily service?

Interesting question which I will admit I don't have the answer to. But we can speculate what the minimum will be logically. How? First by looking at how long it takes the first train to leave both New York City and Harrisburg to arrive in the opposite city, and count how many trains leave both cities before the first train arrives that can be turned, also we have to account for the three trains that overnight in Philadelphia which head westward towards Harrisburg.
So, here's what I read using Amtrak's scheduling....and using Monday-Friday trains......
First train leaves NYC at 0717 and arrives in Harrisburg at 1046
First train leaves Harrisburg 0500 and arrives in New York City at 0830
Only one train departs New York City before another Keystone train arrives at 0830 and is available for turning. (1 set)
Six trains depart Harrisburg before a train from New York City arrives at 1046 and is available for turning.(6 sets) Let's assume three originated from Philadelphia and three originated from Harrisburg. Easy to assume because all three train sets from Philadelphia arrive and could depart Harrisburg before the first train from New York City arrives.
That sums up to a minimum of 7 train sets.
Additionally, there are two more train sets required for the Pennsylvanian train to and from Pittsburg. A singe set can't arrive at Harrisburg at 1426 and depart Harrisburg over an hour and 21 minutes earlier at 1305. A single train set can not be at two different locations at the same moment of time.

So the sum is now a minimum of 9 train sets if you considering the Pennsylvanian Keystone trains. I state minimum because I don't know how many trains are held in reserve for maintenance purposes.
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Re: All things Harrisburg (Keystone) Line

Postby Suburban Station » Thu Oct 18, 2018 7:46 am

There are 8 sets (2 in ny, 3 each in philly and Harrisburg) not including the pennsylvanian. Moving the pennsylvanian earlier would allow a set to overnight elsewhere since there would be plenty of time to turn for the pennsylvanians current slot
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Re: All things Harrisburg (Keystone) Line

Postby Lackawanna565 » Wed Feb 06, 2019 8:55 pm

Any progress on installing the new signal system east of Park Interlocking? I haven't been down in the section in years.
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