Anzio Annie Rail Gun-Need an update

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Anzio Annie Rail Gun-Need an update

Postby SST » Thu Jan 19, 2017 3:36 pm

I did search this topic but the info is old so I'm bringing it up again.

I have read many articles about Anzio Annie and know that it has been moved to Fort Lee. There isn't much info on it after its move. I have located a rail gun at Fort Lee inside the fence along RT36 Oaklawn Blvd. I have "watched" the refurbishment over the past couple of years using Google Street View. At that time, I thought this was Anzio Annie. But looking at the latest street view, it clearly is not Annie [although its a rail gun]. While scanning the area, I found Annie across the street on Railroad Blvd. It is stashed on a tiny spur inaccessible or viewable to the public. It's on the base.

My Uncle served in Anzio during WWII. He was never on the receiving end of Annie directly but he, among others, always knew when it was fired. He is turning 97 and I want to get pictures of it but have no clue how to get permission to get access to it. Anybody know someone that knows someone?

I did send an email to the bases historian address but I have no clue it they'll even respond which is why I'm seeking help via this forum.

Thanks in advance,
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