Penn Station NYC pullman 'layovers'

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Penn Station NYC pullman 'layovers'

Postby CarterB » Mon Nov 14, 2011 2:46 pm

In the days when the PRR and NYNH&H ran through night sleeper trains, and even a bit into Amtrak, many sleepers were 'set out' for early boarding, late disembarking at Penn Station. Where did they usually "park" these sleepers? Where would PV cars be placed today?
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Re: Penn Station NYC pullman 'layovers'

Postby ExCon90 » Wed Nov 23, 2011 3:39 pm

Since no one has answerred this so far, I'll mention that as far as I know they used one or more of the four stub tracks (1-4); I believe that's where they place PV's today for boarding and access.
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Re: Penn Station NYC pullman 'layovers'

Postby JimBoylan » Wed Jan 04, 2012 4:47 pm

The times I rode Amtrak's Executive Sleeper from Penn Station, New York, I think that I boarded on Track 9 or 10. I was asleep when the Night Owl arrived, so I don't know where it was added to the train. The Northbound car would have been more of a problem, since it could be occupied into the beginning of the rush hour, but I never rode it.
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