Where did crew ride if there was no caboose?

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Where did crew ride if there was no caboose?

Postby one87th » Thu Dec 22, 2016 4:05 pm

While researching several eastern Pennsylvania shortline railroads (Ironton, Northampton & Bath, Chestnut Ridge), I learned that these lines rostered no cabooses until the late 1940s at the earliest (about the time they came under national union contracts requiring cabooses).

I am aware that in the early part of the century, prior to automatic air brakes, the brakemen would ride the freight cars and move from car to car, manually setting the brakes on each. But after the introduction of automatic air brakes, where did these brakemen ride if there was no caboose? Were they constantly exposed to the elements year round? Or did the engineer, fireman, conductor and brakeman (or brakemen) all crowd into the cab of the locomotive???
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